Depending on your needs and demands we can offer you two verisons:

Light version Pro version

- Media version scout file
  (Basic details)

- Basic reports in PDF format
  *Match report

- Video

- Pro version scout file
  (All details)

- All reports in PDF format
  *Service details
  *Reception details
  *Setter calls (Tempo, Alma, etc.)
  *Attack details

- Synchronized video with Scout file

All this data will be on our web site that is easily organized and at any time all this will be available to download.

You should provide us the following:
• List of licensed players for each team
• Matches videos, we would recommend that it be MP4 or AVI format, 1280x720
resolution with 25fps and 2000kbps, but any other would be suitable.
• Match Report or the score sheet for all matches for more accurate data scouting.

 The maximum time limit for completion of the match, as well as uploading videos, scouts and reports to the site would be at least 36h from the time we get video at our mail.



Send us video and we will analyze and send it back to you in 24 hours.


We offer professional coaching and scouting services. Specially prepeared reports that are easyer to red and understand.

You will get reports and scouts in 36h


Depending on your needs and demands you will get best price for service you need.


We are a group of volleyball coaches and statisticians based in Serbia and Croatia. We have extensive experience of carrying out performance analysis at all levels of volleyball from grass-roots to International teams. We have experience of providing performance analysis for National teams and teams.

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